Become a Community Champion!

Donating £2,400 will sponsor an entire community! Your donation has a direct impact and will be converted into micro-loans that will be repaid and re-lent over 5 years, helping more and more communities to work their way out of poverty.

 With regular updates from Deki, you will be able to follow your sponsored community as they access loans and business development training ​to become successful Deki Entrepreneurs.


Become a Corporate Champion

Developing a partnership with Deki is a great way to fulfill your social impact objectives and engage your team.

Your donation of £2,400 will have a direct impact. You and your team can follow your sponsored community’s journey as they work their way out of poverty with a hand up not a hand out.

As a Corporate Champion you will receive: – Quarterly updates from your sponsored community – Logo on the Deki website – Use of Deki branding in your marketing materials – Shout outs across social media – Invitations to Deki’s annual events – PR opportunities Great ways to engage your team.

Are you a higher rate tax payer?

Give directly to a community of hard working entrepreneurs and help them set up a business whilst paying less tax.

Here’s how it works:

Your donation: £2,400

Value to Deki (with gift aid): £3,000

You can reclaim £750 tax (if a higher rate taxpayer –  this information was taken from the website and does not constitute tax advice)


What’s more, you will see the impact you’ve made with quarterly updates from your sponsored community.


Interested in finding out more?

Deki’s founder Vashti Seth would be happy to have a chat. 

Call Vashti on 0117 325 0757

or email [email protected]