Leave a Legacy

Why leave a gift in your will?

We believe that given the opportunity, anyone can thrive. Since 2008, Deki has impacted the lives of over 63,000 people worldwide and we couldn’t do this without our generous supporters. As a small charity we rely on donations and legacies to further our programmes in Togo, working towards our vision of a world of opportunity, not poverty.

Giving opportunities to families living in extreme poverty remains at the heart of everything we do and we couldn’t do it without supporters like you.

How your gift will help

With your gift we can continue to create lasting positive change for families. Empowering them with the opportunity to shape their own futures through access to training, financial inclusion and increased gender equality. Giving them the tools and resources to develop sustainable livelihoods and to become financially resilient.

Most of the gifts we receive are for general purposes, which allow us to use the funds where they are needed the most. You can either leave a specific amount of money, which is known as a pecuniary gift, or a share of what’s left over after all your wishes have been carried out, which is a residuary gift.

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Deki in your will, any gift that you choose to leave, no matter how large or small, will ensure that we are able to continue giving life changing opportunites, to families living in extreme poverty, long after your lifetime.

We know your family and loved ones come first, but we hope that once you have provided for them, you will also remember us. We will use your gift with the greatest of care because we understand how much you want your gift to make a difference.

We would love to know if you’ve decided to leave Deki a legacy in your will and will respect your privacy, keeping any details you share with us confidential.


We are here to help if you need more information, please contact Vashti Seth on 0117 325 0757 or email [email protected]

You make all the difference

Thank you