Pancakes pave the way for her daughter’s apprenticeship, with the help of a Deki loan.

Making a profit and a huge difference for the next generation.

Afiwa Atiamon lives in a village called Yometchin. It’s situated in the Keve canton of Togo – located in the southwest of the Maritime region, some 28 miles (or 45 km) north of the capital city of Lome. It is sparsely populated with a population of only 12,000.

At 54 years old, Afiwa is a widow, mother of two grown children, now 22 and 25. She makes her living selling pancakes and other food items. Her first contact with our field partner IADES (Institution D’Aide Au Developpement Economique Et Social) was initiated through Jackie, the rural field officer, who helped her gain training and access support services.

With her first few loans Afiwa had the chance to buy produce and ingredients for her pancakes at a better, wholesale price. She attended training through her village savings group, so she can better manage her stock levels and make sure that her business plan works sustainably. She now has had four loans and she’s been able to move profits from her business to pay for her daughter’s apprenticeship in welding – a fantastic achievement!

After covering the cost of the apprenticeship, Afiwa found it hard to put aside any more money as savings, so she needs more capital to improve her business and become truly financially independent. 

One of the many benefits of her community savings group and the training they receive alongside the loan capital is that Afiwa is now confident in providing for her family. The loan has enabled her to increase her financial capacity, established her as a strong business woman in her community and helped her daughter start a financially stable career in welding.

And her pancakes are famous three villages over!