Our Partnership with IADES and Plans for the Future

Globally, 1.7 billion people don’t have access to the usual financial services offered by commercial banks. These populations are deprived of the opportunities that financial inclusion can provide for economic well-being.

In response, to this lack of inclusion, Christian Kadangah founded IADES (Institution de l’Aide au Dévelopment Economique et Social) in 2012.

As a non-governmental and not for profit association, their objective is to promote development and provide community groups with socio-economic support to create opportunities, which would improve their lives, but which the lack of access to financial services impedes.  

Putting people first and not profit, is at the heart of Christian’s operations.

Micro loans provide entrepreneurs with the capital, which would otherwise be unavailable to them, to start or expand their business so that they can increase their earning potential and work towards a more financially secure future. 

IADES’ social mission is extremely important to them, a key part of which is to reduce gender inequalities. They promote women’s rights through education to empower women in their homes and communities and to give them the opportunity to become role models.
In addition to providing micro loans and business training, IADES, also create tailored savings plans and social development training programmes.

When managed responsibly and with the right support, micro finance can be a highly effective tool for alleviating poverty. Low interest, livelihood development loans, savings accounts and insurance can help families to cope with financial shocks, (such as health emergencies and crop failure) which would otherwise push them further into poverty.

Working with men and women involved in the informal sector – those running their own small businesses; small farms, market stalls, tailors and food shops, IADES’ programmes are specifically designed for those who live at or below the poverty line. People living on less than $1.90 per day. 

Christian has recently launched a healthcare insurance initiative. 

Integrating healthcare insurance with micro finance services, offers a unique way to overcome the burden of cost associated with accessing medical care. It aims to improve health and increase financial protection for marginalised groups, for whom it is easier to pay a little each month rather than to save large sums of money.

Marginalised groups and vulnerable individuals are often the worst affected by poor health; deprived of the information, money or access to health services that would help them prevent and treat illnesses. 

Communities working with IADES also receive complimentary support such as healthcare workshops providing health education on preventing AIDS, malaria and other communicable diseases to improve the health among the disadvantaged.

As we continue our partnership with Christian Kadangah and IADES we will continue to develop programmes based on communities’ needs.

Poverty is a complex issue and so we work collaboratively with our field partner to ensure long lasting sustainable change.

We will endeavour to focus on gender equity and expand our rural outreach to make sure that we are reaching communities where our services are needed the most.

“My wish is that the partnership with Deki would allow vulnerable people in Togo to get out of poverty and that the support of Deki will  allow IADES to become financially autonomous. From that moment on we could think about how to duplicate the model of Togo to neighbouring and regional countries like Benin or Burkina Faso where poverty does not spare rural populations.

I feel a deep pride in knowing that my work allows a woman somewhere to be able to feed her family, to send her children to school or to go to the hospital for treatment.”– Christian Kadangah

Help us with our vision to create a world of opportunity, not poverty