Embracing empowerment and building a house with the help of a Deki Loan

Meet Rose Madakiwa – Usisya, Malawi

Rose Madakiwa is a single mother from Usisya in Malawi. She has five children and also supports several orphans as well as her elderly mother. Many families in Malawi face financial and humanitarian hardship, with a large proportion of the population living with HIV/AIDS.

Prior to joining her Community Savings Group, Rose made a living trading in fish and baking scones. She relied heavily upon her brother for financial support and her children often went to school hungry. Their living conditions were poor, with no electricity, running water or even a mattress to sleep on. She was unable to apply for a loan from her local bank due to a lack of security.

Through her community group, Rose applied for a Deki microloan of £180 in 2014 with the hope to build a better life for her children. Once her loan was fully funded Rose could bulk-buy flour and fish at a much cheaper rate, which increased her profit margins. Rose also diversified her range of products to include soap and shoes; this reduced her dependence on the sale of fish which is expensive to transport from depot to market.

With guidance from Deki’s business training programme her community group was enrolled in, Rose continued to reinvest profits into her business, also saving some in her village bank account. Rose was proud to announce that she also built her own house with electricity and beds for her extended family. She even had enough money left over to pay for school fees, and no longer had to depend on her brother’s financial support.

The Deki loan gave her, and others in her community savings group the opportunity to become financially independent.

As a divorced woman it was my brother’s responsibility to support me and my entire family, but now I can support them myself. I’m thanking Deki a lot, as these loans are helping people to develop, transform and improve their living standards. The microloans provided help us run profitable businesses as they do not require any collateral.