Microloans are an ingredient to overall success

Poverty is a complex issue and here at Deki we know that there is no single solution. That’s why we provide business and financial training, community development workshops and programmes developed specifically to meet the community’s needs.

Much like a healthy diet, achieving financial health comes down to more than just a loan.

It’s vital to use a combination of ingredients including: increased financial literacy; easier access to cash funds; and the facilitation of financial robustness to compensate for cash flow fluctuations or unforeseen circumstances which can often be highly detrimental to an entrepreneurs’ journey with Deki.

By providing all of these aspects, people are more likely to work their way out of poverty, and importantly, sustainably maintain a higher quality of life.

In 2018, Deki provided 843 loans worth £162,760 and due to our multi-faceted approach had a high rate of repayments totalling £130,854

We plan our supplementary support so that entrepreneurs can avoid being unable to repay their loans, which can lead to a cycle of debt or dependency on loan capital.

That’s why alongside Deki loans, we provide our entrepreneurs with business training, including financial education, planning and marketing advice, in order to help them create sustainable growth for their businesses.

Furthermore, social training is also given by our field partners to complement personal development and help build communities. This training can take many forms based on the need in the area, but is typically centred round improving gender relations and health knowledge.

96% of Deki entrepreneurs feel they have benefited from their social and health training.

We encourage our entrepreneurs to work with others in order and share what they have learnt from their experiences with Deki. In doing this we can help to ensure that through individual loans, we can help entire communities develop and thrive by building stronger bonds with each other.

You can help us bring opportunity to entire communities.