Deki’s programmes

When Deki first began in 2008, the focus of our programmes was centred around microfinance and supporting beneficiaries with essential business training.  

Over the years, as Deki hagrown and evolved, our microfinance programmes have become just one part of what we do.

Through building strong relationships with rural communities, our partners, and government agencies, we have developed a deeper understanding of the needs faced by the communities. 

With this knowledge, Deki has designed a more holistic approach to supporting rural families and implemented three new projects to run alongside the microfinance programmes.

Deki’s impact team visits each village regularly so we can better understand the needs of each individual community and how best to support them. It is through ongoing learning and local knowledge that we are able to create a more holistic approach to poverty reduction.

Together, Deki’s five programmes address their most urgent needs and with the support from local government agencies and our partners, we can deliver each programme effectively.

Deki works to ensure that each village has access to incomegenerating activities, financial training, safe water, clean cookstoves and access to first-aid and healthcare.  

We empower women through leadership opportunities and financial inclusion

Giving women increased access to financial services, increased agency to make decisions and increased opportunities to save, empowers them to shape their own futures.


We support small-scale farmers to work together and grow their livelihoods

Leading to increased access to financial services, increased knowledge of sustainable agricultural techniques, increased access to markets and increased income and productivity.

We rehabilitate water boreholes to bring safe water to rural communities

During the next two years we are committed to rehabilitating 520 water boreholes, each one providing enough safe water for approximately 60 households. We will be bringing safe water to 150,000 people living in hard-to-reach communities.


We increase access to healthcare and improving access to information and health services

Our health programme aims to  increase access to basic healthcare services and improve health education and literacy, whilst decreasing household out-of-pocket expenditure on health care and prescriptions.


We deliver clean, fuel-efficient cookstoves to rural communities; improving health, reducing carbon emissions and deforestation

Adokpo Wazam provides fuel-efficient cookstoves to rural families, which reduces the pressure on forests and natural resources, reduces household air pollution caused by cooking indoors on a traditional three-stone fire, and it empowers women by releasing them from the gendered burden of daily wood collection.