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Our Programmes

Women's Empowerment Collectives

Our programme empowers women through training, leadership opportunities and financial inclusion.

Giving women increased access to financial services, increased agency to make decisions and increased opportunities to save, empowers them to shape their own futures.

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Akadi: Investing in clean energy

Our clean energy enterprise programme increases access to affordable and clean energy, whilst reducing carbon emissions and creating jobs for women.

During 2021 we brought clean and affordable energy to families experiencing energy poverty, and impacted the lives of 1,850 people.

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Agricultural Cooperatives: Supporting small scale farmers

Our programme supports small-scale food producers to work together to grow their livelihoods.

Leading to increased access to financial services, increased knowledge of sustainable agricultural techniques, increased access to markets and increased income and productivity.

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MUSA: Healthcare for all

Our health programme increases access to basic health services, information and education.

Increasing access to basic healthcare services and improving health education and literacy, whilst decreasing household out-of-pocket expenditure on health care.

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Wizou Lim:

Safe Water Project

This year we have developed an exciting new partnership with CO2 Balance.

Our safe water project will work with experienced technicians to rehabilitate broken down water points in hard to reach rural communities. Water boreholes enable communities to access groundwater, which is safe for consumption and unaffected by seasonal rains.

They remove the need to burn firewood for water purification, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, and alleviate the burden on women and children to collect water and fuel.

Together we are working towards rehabilitating 520 water boreholes over the next two years, ensuring 150,000 people living in hard to reach communities have access to safe water to drink.


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