Since 2009, it has been our mission to empower communities to be free from absolute poverty.

Thanks to supporters like you, we have helped over 60,000 people realise their potential and transform their futures for the better.

Read the stories of some of our successful entrepreneurs below and read our latest impact report 

Meet Afi Agbati

Meet Afi Agbati, one of our newest entrepreneurs. She is a busy mother of three small children and has big dreams for their futures.

Meet Afi Dope Mimlikou

With your help, Afi has gone from struggling to feed her family to starting a business, making a profit, buying land and hiring an employee.

Meet Josephine Otema

Josephine is Deki’s oldest entrepreneurs. Thanks to your support, after living through a brutal civil war in South Sudan, she can now support her family – She takes care of eight of her 10 grandchildren and she’s a savings group leader in her community.

Meet Afiwa Atiamon

54 year old Afiwa Atiamon makes her living selling pancakes. With your support, she was able to access business training and a loan and it helped her pay for her daughter’s  welding apprenticeship.

Meet Koumia Agambia

Koumia lives in Lomè with her husband and three children. Following some unexpected medical expenses that took all her savings, she was able to access training and a loan through her local savings group. Thanks to your help, she’s working on becoming financially resilient and build a bright future for her family.

Meet Rose Madakiwa

Rose is a single mother of five and she also supports several orphans as well as her elderly mother. With your help she was able access loans and training with her community savings group and she’s now a values member of her community with a diverse and financially resilient business.