590 million people live below the poverty line in Sub-Saharan Africa.

You can change that!

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to create an income, so they can afford to send their children to

school, access medical care and eat regular meals.

By choosing a community group to sponsor, you will have a direct impact.

Your donation will be converted into microloans that will be repaid and re-lent, to multiply your impact.

Follow your sponsored community’s journey as they access loans and training helping them to work their way out of poverty.

We provide access to ethical micro-loans, alongside business and community development training. Focusing on women, we provide gender rights education, empowering women to become leaders in their homes and communities and becoming role models for the next generation.

We enable donors in the UK to have a direct impact by sponsoring groups, enabling members to get their businesses off the ground and keeping donors updated with personalised reports.

We multiply a sponsors impact by re-lending a group member’s loan repayments, helping more and more communities to begin their journey out of poverty.

The Deki Story

 Vashti Seth founded the charity in 2009, after being inspired to change the life of a Tibetan refugee called Deki Dolkha.

 Deki Dolkha, was aged just 4, when she was put on the back of donkey cart by her parents and sent to India, in the hope that she would have a better chance in life. Deki ended up in an orphanage founded by the Dalai Lama and this is where Vashti’s father, Johnny Richards, met her and then sponsored her through school. Vashti often heard him talk about Deki Dolkha and after his death, she decided to visit her in India.

 Vashti soon realised that Deki Dolkha, now aged 17, was trapped in a cycle of poverty, and so started to send money to her each month. Vashti didn’t want Deki Dolkha to become reliant on handouts and she saw that Deki Dolkha could work her own way out of poverty – she just needed the opportunity to make it happen.

 Vashti believes that we can all learn from the enterprising spirit of Deki entrepreneurs. We all have big dreams, but we don’t all have the opportunity to make them happen.

 By investing in Deki you will support an entrepreneur to work their own way out of poverty.