Opportunity, not poverty

“Deki believes that everyone should have the opportunity to work their way out of poverty, to create a better future for their families, and to have the chance to change their lives and the lives of those around them.”                                         

Vashti Seth, Founder and CEO

Our Programmes

Women's Empowerment Collectives

Our programme empowers women through training, leadership opportunities and financial inclusion.

Giving women increased access to financial services, increased agency to make decisions and increased opportunities to save, empowers them to shape their own futures.

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Akadi: Investing in clean energy

Our clean energy enterprise programme increases access to affordable and clean energy, whilst reducing carbon emissions and creating jobs for women.

During 2021 we brought clean and affordable energy to families experiencing energy poverty, and impacted the lives of 1,850 people.

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Agricultural Cooperatives: Supporting small scale farmers

Our programme supports small-scale food producers to work together to grow their livelihoods.

Leading to increased access to financial services, increased knowledge of sustainable agricultural techniques, increased access to markets and increased income and productivity.

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MUSA: Healthcare for all

Our health programme increases access to basic health services, information and education.

Increasing access to basic healthcare services and improving health education and literacy, whilst decreasing household out-of-pocket expenditure on health care.

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Deki’s Theory of Change


Our mission, to empower hard-to-reach communities to be free from extreme poverty, is at the heart of everything we do.

Working in the Maritime region of Togo, West Africa, with our local partner, and the rural communities whom we support, we empower vulnerable families to develop sustainable livelihoods and become financially resilient.
We have developed a holistic approach through four scalable programmes which specifically address the needs of these communities, tackling some of the key causes of poverty, and ensuring long-lasting, sustainable change.
Focusing on supporting rural livelihoods, increasing economic inclusion, gender equality and empowering female entrepreneurs, our programmes increase access to affordable healthcare, renewable energy and clean water for thousands of people.

We believe that given the opportunity, anyone can thrive. By supporting one of our programmes, you are investing in lasting positive change and empowering communities to become agents of change for the next generation.


"Our worries have eased with Deki's support, which goes straight to our hearts." - a member of the Milenovissi Collective


Farmer Field school

Farmer Field school

Together with our partner in Togo, we have created a Farmer Field School to run alongside the Cooperative programme. It promotes the adoption of sustainable land management practices.

Clean Energy Enterprise Project

Clean Energy Enterprise Project

Akadi: the Clean Energy Enterprise Project; fighting energy poverty and climate change.  Currently, over 600...

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